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Welcome to Creative Hub! Explore creative projects by Depositphotos, find inspiring ideas, and even more authentic visuals from our library. Our everyday work revolves around visual trends and insights from our library and community of creatives. This is the foundation for our creative projects done in collaboration with professionals from different corners of the world.

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All projects
All projects
Special projects
Visual trends
Special projects
Special projects
Blog projects
Blog projects
Blog projects
Visual Trends
Lockdown Art
Discover the #LockdownArt campaign and get inspired by the unique works of 70 photographers quarantining all over the world
Visual trends 2021
Explore the annual Visual Trends Reports by Depositphotos. Find out about topics, styles, and aesthetics that will prevail in visual communication in the near future
Stock Photography
Then and Now
Set out on a journey through the history of stock photography – from the early days of cliched concepts, to the authentic visuals we have nowadays
Reimagining Record Covers
Discover artistic remakes of classic record covers, which were created by 19 talented artists from around the world
Music video: Meow!
We bet this project will make you laugh! Just set aside four minutes of your time, and watch this funny and thematic video that we created in collaboration with an Israeli musical duo
Turning Boring Stock
Photos into TV Posters
See how dull stock photos can be tweaked and turned into TV posters for “Stranger Things”, “Mr. Robot”, “Game of Thrones”, and other famous series
Alternative Movie Posters
for Oscar Films
Discover artistic movie posters that were based on Academy Award nominations. They were created by the Depositphotos illustrators, and were featured on DesignTaxi and other media
Graphic Design Trends 2021
Take a closer look at color palettes, typefaces, and aesthetics that will shape graphic design in the upcoming year
Depositphotos Photography
Contest: Authenticity 2.0
Explore how photographers from around the world view authenticity. Browse our fascinating gallery with hundreds of candid, emotional, and trendy photos from the contest
Homescreen Challenge
Check out the results of #homescreenchallenge – the Depositphotos contest for designers. Creatives from around the globe designed artistic iOS icon packs, and we put them together into one thematic collection
Visual Trends 2020
Explore our annual reports on visual trends. Find out about topics, styles, and aesthetics that will prevail in visual communication in the near future
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